Because I have been given much

Please Share!

One at a time

I have been very blessed in my life.  I was blessed with loving parents who taught me to love God.  They taught me to share and serve others.  They taught me to read the scriptures and words of the prophets and ultimately to search for truth, light and knowledge.

From a young age I had a very open relationship with God.  I felt like I could talk to him as I walked down the street.

I am a traveler.  Before I was even 8 years old I had a serious passion to see the world and felt very confident about my abilities to deal with any situation.  As a result as opportunities to travel have presented themselves I have seized them.  In my travels I visit all manner of cultures, faiths, traditions, and practices with an open heart and an open mind.

I have been blessed to travel to over 100 countries more than half the globe including many which may be considered hostile to religious expression and freedom.  My goal in this blog is to share the truths that I have found as I have travelled the globe and even those I find at home.

I write this blog not to boast or brag, but to share.  I have learned a lot in my travels and want to share those truths that have brought me peace.  It is this lasting peace that I hope all can receive.  If there be only one who benefits and who’s life is saved as a result, my work is a success.


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