The Power of Prayer

I can’t deny it.  Prayer has been a special thing throughout my life through my ups and downs.  Prayer is an amazing thing.  It connects the pitiful undeserving fallen being with his or her creator.  Man and Woman are in a prayermiserable state in this telestial world.  We struggle with life’s problems and work hard to provide for our families.  I personally feel very blessed with all that I’ve been given and aren’t reminded of our fallen state very often.  I find this world to be a fascinating and wonderful place to explore and get excited every day to face the world.  I pray to my supreme being, the Father, and my God, that I will be protected and that my family will be blessed.  I pray that my children will receive wisdom and do their best in school, and pray that they will live their life to the fullest extent and reach their potential.

In my own life there have been days and times where I called to the heavens to help me. 

First at a very young age, about 5 or 6.  I was walking home from school, in a little farming town in Declo, Idaho and had some of my first vocal prayers as I walked alone, but I wasn’t alone.  I had a strong spiritual witness that I was not alone.  That I was being watched over by my Father in Heaven.  The creator of my spirit and soul.

Next at 13 I was camping with the scouts in the Mountains.  I had wandered off and was hiking over a ridge on a trial that I was making up as I went along.  I decided to climb down the mountain, and again blazing my own trail got to a spot where down was a cliff, and up was a wall.  To make it worse, going from side to side wasn’t an option.  I had put myself in a pickle, a catch 22.  I tried to climb back up, but slipped back down, and as I looked over the cliff edge I felt like I’d die if I took a step.  This was the first time in my life where my prayer to God was to spare my life.  I needed help in a big way.  I could use one of God’s angels to float me down safely.  I once again opened my heart in a sincere way, and poured out the desires of my heart.  I needed to know what to do.  My fear erased and changed to earnest commitment.  If I was going to get down it was by going down the cliff.  I turned around as if to climb down a ladder.  As I slid I tried to find things to slow me down.  After sliding for 60-100 feet I slowed and ultimately stopped.  I survived with little damage.  I had been protected.  I praised God.  He had been there for me to give me the courage and in my young mind I knew it was a miracle.

On my mission, away from home at age 19 in woody suburbs of Richmond Virginia.  I was away from home.  I might as well have been on the other side of the world.  The mission I was on was a church mission, with rules to help guide one to become the most in tune.  The rules weren’t easy to live.  They were their own challenge of living a higher law to be more in tune.  I had left home to help others to teach them to understand the gospel.  At the time I was really depressed and down.  I felt very alone, sad, and insignificant.  I felt the pressure of the world and the pressure of my sins in my life.  Not heinous sins, but those of a decent young man.  I was empty and depressed.  In this dark hour I prayed for comfort.  My heart and mind was filled.  I went from one of the most depressing times to one filled with joy and happiness.  This joy has carried me for years and if ever I feel depressed, I turn to prayer to fill my heart.  No matter what happened, I knew I was ok as I felt pure love from my creator.  The spirit had filled my soul. 

As I missionary my abilities to serve and open my mouth and face difficulties was a life changer.  No fear.  It gave me courage that I lean on to this day, in the face of darkness.  My abilities to talk to total strangers and be rejected and persecuted, went to another level.  I was no longer afraid to talk to strangers, and I now strangely had this ability to take on the world.  Years later this ability to not be afraid of people has really benefited me In my travels.  This ability to have no fear has given me real confidence, and given me special abilities to take on situations that others would never do.  With my confidence the locals in the small villages, are less disrupted.  I can go into dangerous places and feel completely protected because my God is protecting me and I bring with me my constant companion.  It gives me confidence to visit Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and gives me protection to visit my friends across the middle east.  I can walking through the inner cities and the worst slums and not have fear. 

There is a thin veil between this life and the next.  Prayer reaches through that veil.  My brother in law had brain cancer (check out his blog on his fight and struggles with cancer.)  I say had, because I had a very powerful prayer where the veil became very thin, and I have faith in the miracle that is in the process of happening.  I opened up my heart to God and pleaded for his life.  It was one of the most powerful prayers in my life.  My faith is stronger because of it.  I believe that the surgeries that has has had and the treatments are miracles that will give him a second lease on life.

With the power of the priesthood I have given blessings where I have been guided in my prayers and been given words to say to comfort the family or to proclaim miracles.  Many aren’t ready to understand this priesthood power, the power to act in Gods name, but I find it true and very real. 

Science may call it collective conscious to explain why miracles can happen when many pray for something good to happen.  Skeptics dismiss it, but prayer is real.  Prayer is something that can bring you closer to God.  When combining prayer with the words of His prophets is the ultimate combination.

Me with my muslim entorage in Malaka, Malaysia

I think there’s really very little here that can’t be agreed on by the Christian population of the world, and not much of a stretch for our Muslim brothers and sisters.  Prayer in my mind is best understood by a devout Muslim.  Whenever I visit a Islamic country, whenever I am awakened by the call to prayer. I roll out of bed and pray.  While being compelled to prayer from religious leaders may not be the best way to connect with God. It is a great reminder we need to pray often.  Prayer is a very universal religious tenant.  There is something very pure about prayer.  It’s also something that even the most hardened soul can be compelled to pray… God hasn’t moved.  He’s still here, and that’s my testimony to you.  He will listen to you.  You are his child.